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Is Wheatgrass Gluten Free?

Not all wheatgrass is gluten-free.

When we attend shows and offer samples of our wheatgrass juice, one of the common refusals we get is: "Oh, I'm sorry. I can't have wheat. I'm gluten-intolerant." We love getting this response because it gives us what educators call a "teachable moment." It's a common misconception for people to believe that our wheatgrass contains gluten and while not all wheatgrass is gluten free, we can proudly certify that ours is.

How Evergreen WheatGrass Juice is certified gluten-free.

Gluten is not immediately present in wheat when it begins growing. Gluten forms when the plant begins developing seeds. Even though we grow our wheat for 90 days, it is harvested before gluten begins to develop in the plant. This means our juice is gluten-free, and we are so confident that it is that we get our product certified.

From our farm to your freezer. Gluten-free wheatgrass juice. Convenient as ever.

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