Organic wheatgrass juice

$109.99 - 50 x 1oz servings

When ordering please specify the quantity of product you would like to order. A quantity of 1 is equal to 50 x 1oz servings and a quantity of 2 is equal to 100 x 1oz servings, etc. To start, we recommend taking 1oz serving per day. For improved results, 2x 1oz servings can be consumed daily.

A better tasting juice starts with a longer growing season. Our outdoor grown wheatgrass has over 90 days to soak in the sun and develop roots that dig deep and pull rich nutrients from the organic soil. We let our wheatgrass grow well past the sprout stage to give simple sugars the time to mature into complex carbohydrates for a smooth taste and a complete nutritional profile. Once harvested, our wheatgrass is cold pressed and HPP'd with no added preservatives or stabilizers so that you get all the good stuff.

Try our frozen, organic wheatgrass juice jam-packed with essential nutrients and enzymes delivered to your door to be enjoyed on your schedule.

Your health will have a reason to thank you.

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It’s more than just a word, way more.

Soil that has been free of chemical fertilizer for decades. Wheat that has never seen pesticides or herbicides. This is just part of what makes our wheatgrass juice so special.

Our entire process is regulated by a separate certifying body, so you can have confidence that when we say organic, it means something great.

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No genetically modified mutant crops here.

These seeds are legit. Wheat that has been growing for centuries. It's farming, old fashioned, pure. Do you know where your wheat comes from? We do, and we've gone to great lengths to ensure our wheat is the very best and is completely unaltered.

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Completely, totally, absolutely gluten-free.

How can a wheat product be gluten free? We're glad you asked. Gluten is formed when wheat reaches the seed stage of growth. We harvest in the vegetable stage before gluten develops.

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How is wheatgrass gluten free?

People often ask how our wheatgrass can be gluten free. Gluten does, after all, come from wheat. What most people don't know is that gluten does not develop until the seed stage of growth. We harvest our wheatgrass right until we detect gluten development - at which point, we cease production. We test our production daily to ensure that our product is completely gluten free.

What is the difference between indoor vs outdoor grown wheatgrass?

You might not realize that there are two very different types of wheatgrass. Many are familiar with the sprouted grass they see in juice bars, grown indoors under artificial lights on a tray in about 7 - 10 days. Indoor grass has a high level of simple sugars which explains the syrupy taste and quick burst of energy that users sometimes experience right after drinking the juice. There can be a nasty bitter after taste, and many have instantaneous headaches and nausea within seconds and are told that they are “detoxifying” or having a “healing crisis.”

Why does your wheatgrass taste so different?

Evergreen’s grass is grown outdoors in the soil and sunshine.  Matured and sweetened by having a deeper root structure, the grass matures past being a sprout into a deep green leafy vegetable.  The simple sugars of the sprout develop into complex carbohydrates giving it a smooth taste
that many compare to green tea or watermelon rind.