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Outdoor grown

Field grown outdoors in rich organic soil, as nature intended! We let our wheatgrass mature past the sprout-stage into a vegetable, giving our juice a smooth, natural taste.

Woman holding a glass of wheatgrass juice

Tray free

Less sugar and a smooth taste—the flavour benefits of growing outdoors.

Flash frozen

Live nutrients, ready when you are.


1 oz. servings. Take on life one shot at a time.

Why grow outdoors?

Why grow outdoors?

USDA Organic Logo


Organic is way more than just a word.

Soil that has been free of chemical fertilizer for decades. Wheat that has never seen pesticides or herbicides. This is just part of what makes our wheatgrass juice so special.

Our entire process is regulated by a separate certifying body, so you can have confidence that when we say organic, it means something great.

Non-GMO Project Verified logo


No genetically modified mutant crops here.

These seeds are legit. Wheat that has been growing for centuries. It's farming, old fashioned, pure. Do you know where your wheat comes from? We do, and we've gone to great lengths to ensure our wheat is the very best and is completely unaltered.

Gluten-free logo


Completely, totally, absolutely gluten-free.

How can a wheat product be gluten free? We're glad you asked. Gluten is formed when wheat reaches the seed stage of growth. We harvest in the vegetable stage before gluten develops.

Wheatgrass growing outdoors


A longer growing season makes for better juice.

While indoor wheatgrass grows on a 10 day cycle, our wheatgrass grows for over 90 days soaking in the sun and pulling from the earth. This is part of why our wheatgrass juice is so different.

With 90 days to grow the roots of the plant can dig deep and pull rich nutrients from organic soil. It's highly seasonal (since we can't harvest in the winter). But it's well worth it once you taste the difference for yourself.

Wheatgrass roots

Plant maturity

This is wheatgrass all grown up.

When wheatgrass is allowed to grow past the sprout stage into a vegetable, some incredible things take place.

Sprouts are high in simple sugars, this is why indoor wheatgrass often has a sugary sweet taste to it.

When wheatgrass grows into a vegetable the simple sugars mature into complex carbohydrates giving it a smooth taste, and a more complete nutritional profile.

Child drinking a glass of wheatgrass juice

Smooth taste

A taste so smooth, you won't believe its wheatgrass.

A lovely side-effect of growing outdoors is that as the plant matures past the sprout-stage into a vegetable. The simple sugars mature into complex carbohydrates. This gives our wheatgrass a mild taste similar to green tea.