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Health Benefits of Chlorophyll in Wheatgrass

If you're familiar with wheatgrass juice, then you probably know that our juice is a source of live chlorophyll. But just what is chlorophyll, and why does it matter where it comes from? We want to answer those questions and little more light on chlorophyll.

Is there chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice?

Chlorophyll is what makes Evergreen, green. Chlorophyll is what gives wheatgrass its green pigment.

What are the health benefits of chlorophyll?


Studies have shown that chlorophyll is a natural anti-inflammatory. Why is this important? It's been researched that chronic inflammation can lead to cancer and heart disease among other disorders.

Weight loss

Chlorophyll contains thylakoids, which help plants with absorbing sunlight through photosynthesis. A study has shown that supplementing your diet with thylakoids can help with satiety meaning you feel fuller after a meal, curbing your appetite.

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