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Rye Grass in my Wheatgrass Juice

If you look at the ingredients list on our wheatgrass juice, you will notice that rye grass juice is also listed as an ingredient. Why is that?

Wheatgrass and rye grass are both cereal grasses. Out of all the cereal grasses, wheat and rye taste the best. They're in the same family, and at the grass stage they are nutritionally the same and look the same. This is because soil dictates nutritional content. So you may be getting a mix of rye grass and wheatgrass in our wheatgrass juice, but you are still getting the same nutrients.

The main reason why we sometimes plant rye in addition to wheat, is growth time. Rye develops a little faster than wheat and we can usually harvest the rye grass a week before the wheatgrass. This extends our harvest window and lets us produce more juice. Some seasons we need the increased production from the rye, and other seasons we don't.

So when you see wheatgrass and rye grass in the ingredients of our wheatgrass juice, it's nothing to worry about. It's the same nutrients in that lovely green juice. Cheers!